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Pratt Institute Printing Labs
Custom typography style guide pitch (2020).  

Halloween Instagram Social (2019)

*assets created in Fontstruct, animated
in Photoshop.


Fantasy Bodega Poster (2019)
Custom hand-lettered font: Blobby 

Suspiria Film Poster Series (2019)
*custom lettering and illustrations created with shaving cream, photography, and digital manipulation.

My Bloody Valentine Loveless Vinyl record typographic inserts (2019)

*custom lettering, digital collage of gouache paintings 

Please Think About Me:

Typographic Zine (2018)

*xerography, photoshop

Magazine spread: John Wayne (2019)

*ripped paper and digital manipulation

Font: Unbekannte (2019) 
Began as an idea to create continuous letters and resulted in an abstracted glyph system that still appears to continuously flow no matter what letter combination you choose. 

Font: Unbekannte (2019)

*abstracted glyph system that continuously flows, like cursive, from letter to letter.

Typographic Posters (2017)

*Exploration of xerography in a printmaking course at Pratt Institute. 

*Handlettered with marker, manipulated with scanners and recolored as bitmaps. 

Art & Pain poster series (2017)

*Acrylic paint, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop